February 15, 2010

Top Road Books for ‘The Week’

The magazine The Week asked me for a list of my top six books about travel on roads. It’s in the current issue.

3 responses to “Top Road Books for ‘The Week’”

  1. Deb Viles says:

    This is 2010 and our society is still publishing books with sexist titles. Until we dispel of the notion that all people should be considered “man” we will perpetuate sexist attitudes among people. I will not be ordering the book for our library because of the offensive title.

  2. tedconover says:

    The title is a play on words and an intentional echo of old works of anthropology and titles like Steichen and Sandburg’s classic photo book, The Family of Man.

  3. Larry Kushi says:

    I haven’t read your book, but I immediately thought of “The Family of Man” as a parallel to your title and a classic of photographic anthropology. I suppose that judging a book by its title, if not its cover, continues to be acceptable in some circles. Or was that just a vile comment?