March 30, 2009

The Moth: Sing Sing Tattoo

3 responses to “The Moth: Sing Sing Tattoo”

  1. bob belfiore says:

    newjack is great,i am a retired nyc captain,great read
    tells it all, right down to the chracters,they all really exist

  2. Stephen Morris says:

    I am an English teacher in Ann Arbor MI. Each year I teach about Anne Frank, and this is a remarkable example of why her story resonates with so many people in such profound ways. Good writing evokes universal themes that connect us in sometimes surprising ways. I will be sharing this with my students; thank you for your insights and storytelling prowess!

  3. Spencer Gliko says:

    Love this book. Reading it a second time. Amazing this is real. Stories are so interesting it could be fiction. So cool you were willing to do this job to get the story! You got guts Mr. Conover!