February 8, 2010

Podcast from The Moth

In past years I’ve had the pleasure of participating in The Moth, a live storytelling series based here in New York. Last year podcasts from The Moth became a big hit on iTunes. This week one of mine, an untold story from my Newjack research that I call “All Prisoners Lie,” is featured. (Thanks, Moth people!) Take a listen there, or here on my website.

2 responses to “Podcast from The Moth”

  1. Drake T Mischief says:

    I heard your Moth story (podcast) and was very interested in your story and your writing. I picked up a copy of Rolling Nowhere, and really enjoyed it. I’m half way through Coyotes and have Newjack on my desk.

  2. Raafi says:

    Exactly. I loved this story on the Moth (podcast version), so I ordered a copy of Rolling Nowhere. Looking forward to it.