Lost in Aspen

From the book jacket:

Whiteout is Ted Conover’s classic report on life among the wealthy and the narcissistic–as well as some real people–in Aspen, Colorado.

Former Hugh Hefner paramour Barbi Benton holds her annual pajama party. Celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz actually finds someone who doesn’t want his picture taken: Hunter Thompson. New Agers claim UFO sightings and seek eternal life. Hardrock miners struggle to hold on to an older way of life in the face of all of this. And above it all is the undeniably majestic beauty of the Rockies. Unable to deny the seduction of the Aspen mystique, Conover is nonetheless able to keep his distance and emerge with an insightful travelogue like few others.

  • Skiing down Ajax. (The Aspen Times)

  • My A-frame cabin, from Ch. VIII–since demolished.

  • Summiting Pearl Pass, on annual ride from Crested Butte.

  • Aspen trees before winter, with scrub oak in background.

  • Hunter S. Thompson at local meeting. (The Aspen Times)

  • Blind justice (blindfold added). (The Aspen Times)

  • ‘America’s Uphill’ race. (The Aspen Times)

  • ‘America’s Uphill’ detail. (The Aspen Times)

  • March at the Gates Hut. (10th Mtn Division Hut Assn.)

  • March at the Gates Hut 2.

  • Hardrock miner Stephan Albouy and friend at Jerome Hotel.

  • Paul Andersen, TC, Devon Meyers at Jerome Hotel.

  • Local history collage 1.

  • Local history collage 2.

  • Whiteout hardcover jacket, 1991.

  • Vintage Departures cover, 1993.