• Winner of American Library Association Award

“His adventures translate well into print, and much of Rolling Nowhere is so vivid that every few pages the urge to clack the dust from one’s own clothes is almost irresistible.” The New York Times Book Review

“His vivid, sensitive account of this dreary, often humorous and always compelling odyssey explains life beyond the pale of comfort. Rolling Nowhere is a book that stays with you ” Los Angeles Times

“There is something clear-eyed, unaffected and all of a piece about his narrative and his character which makes both of them likeable, and more than that, somehow worthy. One can imagine Rolling Nowhere becoming a minor classic.” Baltimore Sun

“Fascinating in some ways a searing indictment of the way this country treats its poor, of how wasteful we are of our resources, both physical and spiritual also a unique look at a seedier side of life an honest portrayal of life in the slow lane, where just getting by is an art in itself.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“An excellent account the next time you’re sitting dead in the roadway in rush hour traffic, read this book.” Dallas Morning News

“An excellent, straightforward report.” Associated Press

Rolling Nowhere is consistently interesting, for our curiosity about tramps is part of a complicated fantasy concerning what we call freedom.” The New York Times

“Conover’s hard-luck odyssey produced a book which manages to be highly entertaining while illuminating one of society’s dark recesses.” Newsday

“A riveting read.” The Fresno Bee

“His account of the weeks he spent crisscrossing America is a swiftly unfolding narrative of danger, violence, alienation, and sadness realistic, perceptive.” — American Library Association

Rolling Nowhere succeeds in its ability to bring out this forgotten world of railyard hoboes. Conover picks up on dozens of fascinating little insights into these men and their way of life.” Milwaukee Sentinel

“Lively and informative Conover’s vivid, personal style makes this well-written and well-paced book a worthwhile choice for the general reader highly recommended.” Library Journal

“A fascinating account of life in [a] dirty, shadowy, little-known and seldom-understood world.” Asbury Park Press

“Interesting it is … his style in Rolling Nowhere reflects wide-eyed wonder and unquenchable curiosity. On the subject of hoboes today, Ted Conover is the best we’ve got.” This Week in Denver

Review of the audio book:

Rolling Nowhere is so full of fascinating detail it’s almost as good as going along with him … because he’s such a good observer and writer, he gave us a book that probably no other tramp or hobo could have … Brilliance Audio has recorded two versions, unabridged and abridged. Conover reads both. His voice is perfect: warm, quiet, and thoughtful. The book was first published 20 years ago, and he seems to enjoy revisiting it and the friends he made back then.” Knight Ridder Newspapers