• New York Times Notable Book
  • Winner of American Library Association Award

“Ted Conover has written a book about the Mexican poor that is at once intimate and epic. Coyotes is travel literature, social protest, and affirmation. I can compare this book to the best of George Orwell’s journeys to the heart of poverty.” — Richard Rodriguez, author of Brown and Hunger of Memory

“Absorbing … sharply observed and sympathetic … Mr. Conover’s description of what would normally be a routine plane flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles becomes a perilous, frightening journey for these workers; and a cross-country drive from Arizona to Florida (without a map) similarly takes on the nervous coloration of a thriller. In relating these events, Mr. Conover combines a sociologist’s eye for detail with a novelist’s sense of drama and compassion … he has defiantly succeeded.” — Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

“Honest, funny, touching and important … There is grace in this book, even more wisdom. What makes it really glow on every page is Mr. Conover’s realization that he is dealing neither with a crime nor a tragedy, but with another of those human adventures that make America a country that is constantly renewing itself … remarkable. — T.D. Allman, New York Times Book Review

“Compelling, often funny, and suspenseful … He evinces a deep understanding of and feeling for the men who must take such risks to get mere subsistence money for their families …” The New Yorker

“A deftly written and compelling narrative … written with passion, wit and authority, Coyotes is … something to shout about.” Seattle Times

“Incisive and revealing … Coyotes has a very unsettling way of prodding reflection.” — San Diego Tribune

“This engrossing story is also an important social document … Conover is a sympathetic and perceptive observer, but more than that, he is a superb storyteller … Coyotes is a book of astonishing veracity, and a galloping good read.” Wilson Library Bulletin

“Conover’s book is full of good humor, the kind that hears the nightmare beneath the joke.” Village Voice

“The 29-year-old Conover has but one other book to his credit … he, however, shows an insight and style that reminds you of more mature writers like Naipaul and John McPhee.” Houston Post

“A superbly written, compelling, sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, extremely perceptive account … humor makes the book sing.” The Minnesota Daily

“Ted Conover’s Coyotes should be greeted with applause … a first-rate piece of investigative journalism that reads like an adventure.” Rocky Mountain News

“Always fascinating.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“A devastating document. This one must be read.” — Leon Uris