November 10th, 2012

Rolling Nowhere goes ebook

Rolling Nowhere, my account of riding the rails as a young man, was recently released as an ebook. It’s pretty cheap to download it to your screen-thingy from the Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstores in 32 countries, Sony, Kobo, WH Smith in the UK and FNAC, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor (Blio and the Axis360 library service), and

At some of these sites no one has yet posted a review; please, dear reader, be the first!

The new ebook cover

This leaves only Coyotes and Whiteout still unavailable as digital downloads. I’ll try to get those out there soon.

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  1. Jay Satalich says:

    I first read ‘Rolling Nowhere’ when it was first published ~30 years ago, then purchased it a couple years ago as a reprint. Conover does a great job exploring and explaining what its like to ‘ride the rails’ as a tramp or hobo. A great book.